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Medical Terminology: An Illustrated Guide 2017 Cohen جلد شمیز

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وزیری - جلد شمیز

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وزیری - جلد شمیز

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Now packed with new illustrations and more clinically relevant than ever before, this fully updated Eighth Edition of Medical Terminology: An Illustrated Guide helps readers develop a fundamental knowledge of the medical terminology necessary for a career in any health care setting.

To help students learn both medical terms and how they are used in real-world settings, this reader-friendly book demonstrates how medical terms are built from word parts (Part 1), introduces body structures, diseases, and treatments (Part 2), and covers each body system (Part 3). Accessible content, a logical organization, and reinforcing drills in every chapter combine to help readers master the information they need for success in their future careers.

An enhanced art program, many new, clinically focused case studies, and an improved online teaching and learning resources (including prepU adaptive quizzing) make this Eighth Edition ideal for classroom instruction, independent study, or distance learning.

· Greater Student Confidence = Success: Use of Barbara Cohen’s Memmlers Anatomy and Physiology along with this Medical Terminology text delivers continuity of writing style, design, and online resources making students more confident and ultimately more successful in their chosen health profession.
· A greater emphasis on clinical illustrations brings concepts to life and helps students connect learning to practice.
· Updated cases studies focus on current issues and hot topics to prepare students for the types of challenges they will encounter in practice.
· PrepU is featured in the Ancillaries-at-a-Glance section and is identified with an icon throughout the text.
· Online Student Resources have been updated and enhanced.
· Online Lesson Plans have been updated with tips on using the book in a flipped classroom or in online learning.

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