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A Psychological Analysis of the Delusion Rubrics

نویسنده: Liz Lalor
سال نشر: 2016
ناشر: Elk Press
تعداد صفحه: 370
نوبت چاپ: 1
قطع: رحلی
شابک: 978-0994505705

1,750,000 ریال

سفارش تلفنی: ۹۷ - ۶۶۹۶۳۵۹۶ - ۰۹۲۱۳۹۸۹۵۴۶

5 در انبار


A Psychological Analysis of the Delusion Rubrics

Understanding the use and meaning of the Delusion rubrics in Case Analysis
Liz Lalor


An invaluable guide for homeopaths and students of homeopathy!

Renowned homeopathic counsellor and author, Liz Lalor lectures and writes on the symbiotic relationship between mental and emotional disturbance, and physical pathology. A Psychological Analysis of the Delusion Rubrics is an extensive Materia medica adaption of her second book Homeopathic Psychiatry.

In its original form, Homeopathic Psychiatry combined homeopathic rubric-repertorisation and traditional counselling techniques to create an invaluable case taking manual. A Psychological Analysis of the Delusion Rubrics expands on this with a revised introduction, new Denial chapter and extended Materia medica to address the narrative behind the physical pathology.

Homeopathic analysis of disease concentrates on unearthing the peculiar within the patient’s story of their life. In this fresh adaption, Lalor focuses attention on the denial process of the patient as they negotiate illness. The peculiar in the patient’s narrative is the essence of the understanding of the use and meaning of the Delusion rubrics in case analysis.

This book is an invaluable guide, both for homeopaths and students of homeopathy, to fully understand these previously misunderstood and underutilized rubrics in our repertory.

“Liz Lalor’s book explores humanness within remedies and reflects the remedy back to the psychodynamic delusion. It makes a difference in understanding my client’s needs with incorporating Elizabeth Kubler Ross’s 5 stages of grief and guides me in the right direction of support. A wonderful desktop companion for my device and clinic desk.”Sally Bevan, Homeopath

My entire understanding of delusion rubrics, how to decipher them, and subsequently how to apply them to my case-taking, changed considerably for the better once I had read this very insightful book. Liz’s experience with psychotherapy, coupled with her deep understanding of remedies and their psychological profiles, has enabled her to author a book of great significance and profound assistance to the practising homeopath. I highly recommend this book to anyone who wants to more effectively understand the delusion rubrics, what they really mean and how to apply them in case analysis.”Carolyn Graham, Noosa Homoeopathic Clinic

About the Author

Liz Lalor has thirty-six years of experience in homeopathic counselling and somatic homeopathic psychotherapy. She has a thriving practice in Melbourne and has also taught extensively throughout Australia and Europe. Liz’s first book A Homeopathic Guide to Partnership and Compatibility was the first homeopathic Materia medica to be sold in mainstream bookshops in Australia. Her second title Homeopathic Psychiatry has been used extensively by homeopaths worldwide to improve their counselling techniques and to assist in interpreting their patient’s dialogue. Lalor is also well recognized for her successful fertility program. She has worked with 396 different women and has been successful with 348 babies born. She has written articles on Vannier and her homeopathic approach to infertility in Similia, Homoeopathic Medical Panorama and Homeopathy in Practice, Homeopathy International and Links. Liz has also had further articles published in the American Journal of Homeopathy.


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