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Lewin’s Essential GENES 4th Edition – ضروریات ژن لوین ۲۰۲۰

نویسنده: Jocelyn E. Krebs
مترجم: --
سال نشر: 2020
ناشر:  Jones & Bartlett Learning
تعداد صفحه: 1044
نوبت چاپ: 4
قطع: رحلی | رنگی | جلد هارد
شابک: 978-1284173130

6,650,000 ریال 5,280,000 ریال

سفارش تلفنی: ۹۷ - ۶۶۹۶۳۵۹۶ - ۰۹۲۱۳۹۸۹۵۴۶

25 در انبار

در صورت انتخاب جلد سخت، کتاب مورد نظر پس از 2 روز برای شما ارسال می شود.


Lewin’s Essential GENES 4th Edition – ضروریات ژن لوین ۲۰۲۰


خرید کتاب افست ژنتیک لوین | بهترین کیفیت چاپ و صحافی | تمام رنگی به همراه جلد هارد کاور


Extensively reorganized and revised with the latest data from this rapidly changing field, Lewin’s Essential GENES, Fourth Edition, provides students with a comprehensive overview of molecular biology and molecular genetics. The authors took care to carefully modify the chapter order in an effort to provide a more clear and student-friendly presentation of course material. Chapter material has been updated throughout, including a completely revised chapter on regulatory RNA, to keep pace with this advancing field. The Third Editions exceptional pedagogy enhances student learning and helps readers understand and retain key material like never before. Concept and Reasoning Checks at the end of each chapter section, End-of-Chapter Questions and Further Readings sections, as well as several categories of special topics boxes, expand and reinforce important concepts.

About the Author

Jocelyn E. Krebs received a B.A. in Biology from Bard College, Annandale-on-Hudson, New York, and a Ph.D. in Molecular and Cell Biology from the University of California, Berkeley. For her Ph.D. thesis, she studied the roles of DNA topology and insulator elements in transcriptional regulation. She performed her postdoctoral training as an American Cancer Society Fellow at the University of Massachusetts Medical School in the laboratory of Dr. Craig Peterson, where she focused on the roles of histone acetylation and chromatin remodeling in transcription. In 2000, Dr. Krebs joined the faculty in the Department of Biological Sciences at the University of Alaska, Anchorage, where she is now a Full Professor

 Lewin’s Essential GENES ۴th Edition – خرید کتاب ضروریات ژن لوین 

Product details.

by Jocelyn E. Krebs (Author), Elliott S. Goldstein (Author), Stephen T. Kilpatrick (Author)

  • Hardcover: ۱۰۴۴ pages
  • Publisher: Jones & Bartlett Learning; 4 edition (February 24, 2020)
  • Language: English
  • ISBN-10: ۱۲۸۴۱۷۳۱۳۵
  • ISBN-13: ۹۷۸-۱۲۸۴۱۷۳۱۳۰


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