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Menschen A1.1 – Hueber Verlag – 2019

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Menschen A1.1 – Hueber Verlag – 2019

Modular structure: every module consists of three short units and four additional Module-Plus-Pages

The lessons are each four pages long and follow a transparent and repeated structure pattern:

– every unit begins with an interesting introductory situation – mostly combined with a listening text -, which introduces the unit’s topic and stimulates emotions and interest.
– On the following double page, the language, word fields and structures from the previous lead-in situation are introduced and practised using authentic reading and listening texts.
– the unit’s new word field is presented in the heading in picture dictionary form making it easy to remember.
– Final page: writing and speaking practice or mini-projects pick up on the lesson content and both structures and important phrases appear in a clear summary.
– the four additional Module-Plus-Pages offer further interesting information:
– Reading-magazine: magazine page with a variety of additonal reading texts
– Film spots: Exercises for he DVD’s film sequences
– Project cultural studies: suggestions for a project
– Finale: Songs with tips for creative use in class
– the integrated learner’s DVD-ROM offers individual extension and consolidation tasks as well as automated exercises for self-study at home

Product details : Menschen A1.1 – Hueber Verlag – 2019

  • Paperback
  • Publisher: Max Hueber Verlag (April 1, 2019)
  • Language: German
  • ISBN-10: ۳۱۹۲۱۱۹۰۳۹
  • ISBN-13: ۹۷۸۳۱۹۲۱۱۹۰۳۳
  • Product Dimensions: ۸.۴ x 0.6 x 11 inches
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