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A handbook for homeopaths working with patients with mental health problems

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خلاصه کتاب:

The production of this handbook has been entirely funded by the Homeopathy Action Trust (HAT). The Trustees of HAT would like to express their gratitude to all those who have given freely of their time to input into this handbook. Thank you to the practitioners and the carers who have been willing to share their knowledge, experience and opinions. Thank you also to the Homeopathy Course Providers Forum and to the professional bodies; The Alliance of Registered Homeopaths, The Homeopathic Medical Association and The Society of Homeopaths; your cooperation and support has been invaluable. In particular we would to like thank Kate Chatfield for this immense contribution to our profession.
Homeopathy Action Trust is the membership charity that encourages and supports public understanding of homeopathy, for the benefit of patients, practitioners and students. Please visit our website to find out more and consider donating to our funds, to allow us to fund more projects in the future, such as this Handbook.

فهرست مطالب:

Preface 6
Chapter 1 Introduction and background 7
Chapter 2 Classification of mental health conditions  ۱۲
Chapter 3 Don’t be alone
Chapter 4 Staying safe, protecting your patient and yourself
Chapter 5 Professional boundaries and establishing the limits of your availability
Chapter 6 Medication matters
Chapter 7 Understanding the therapeutic relationship
Chapter 8 Useful information and contacts
۸.۳. Other general mental health care sites
۸.۴. Specific organisations
۸.۴.i. Alzheimer’s
۸.۴.ii. Anxiety and phobias
۸.۴.iii. Bereavement
۸.۴.iv. Bipolar Disorder
۸.۴.v. Borderline personality disorder
۸.۴.vi. Depression
۸.۴.vii. Drugs
۸.۴.viii. Eating disorders
۸.۴.ix. Obsessive compulsive disorder
۸.۴.x. Post-natal illness
۸.۴.xi. Schizophrenia
۸.۴.xii. Self-harm
۸.۵. Information for carers
۸.۶. Advocacy
۸.۷. Medication information
۸.۸. Professional organisations
۸.۹. The therapeutic relationship

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