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Atlas of Facial Nerve Surgeries and Reanimation Procedures

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Atlas of Facial Nerve Surgeries and Reanimation Procedures

کتاب افست زبان اصلی اطلس جراحی های اعصاب صورت و روش های بازسازی 

چاپ رنگی | کاغذ تحریر

Atlas of Facial Nerve Surgeries and Reanimation Procedures is more than a project for the author. It is the culmination of her passion, as well as lifelong quest and pursuit, for perfecting the execution of management of facial nerve in different situations. The main objective of this atlas is to provide an insight to the reader regarding the anatomy and normal functioning of the facial nerve, besides a guidance on step-wise evaluation and management of facial palsy, aimed at achieving optimal results. The elaborate description about the post-treatment recovery of the functioning of facial nerve and facial muscles is an important highlight of this atlas.

Madhuri Mehta, MS (ENT), is Director, Department of ENT and Head and Neck Surgery at The N.C. Jindal Institute of Medical Sciences and Research, Hisar, Haryana, India. She has been practicing otorhinolaryngology, with a special interest in otology including the management of chronic ear disease, cochlear implantation, facial nerve management, and lateral skull base surgery for more than three decades. She has three textbooks (Atlas of Lateral Skull Base Surgery, Atlas of Cavityless Cholesteatoma, and Atlas of Ossiculoplasty) and many other publications to her credit.

The text in this atlas gives a concise description of the principles of management of facial nerve and the steps of surgery; at the same time, a major focus has been placed on surgical images and diagrams to provide the reader with a pictorial view of the procedural intricacies involved in the surgery and facial nerve management. The diagrams have been specifically drawn by the author herself to depict a simplified representation of the steps, and to emphasize the key technical points involved in them.

Key features:

  • Starting from embryology and detailed anatomy of the facial nerve, this atlas takes you on a journey depicting different aspects of the facial nerve, its lesions, their evaluation, and finally treatment. The decision to opt for right techniques and their timing forms the hallmark of this book.
  • More than 1000 images and simple illustrations depicting the preoperative facial palsy, operative steps, and postsurgery facial recovery at different stages.
  • Thorough description of Bell’s palsy, which has always been a controversial topic.
  • Bilateral facial palsy, discussed rarely, has been described in an elaborate manner with few very interesting cases.
  • Special chapter on management of the facial nerve in lateral skull base surgery to guide the reader about simple relevant techniques.
  • Simple steps to handle the facial nerve in cochlear implant surgery.
  • A novel technique named “transzygomatic anterior attic approach” to decompress the facial nerve in post-traumatic facial palsy has been introduced for reader’s benefit.

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