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Body Language and Homoeopathy

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Body Language and Homoeopathy –  Body Language and Homeopathy

Body language and Homoeopathy is a path breaking work from the house of one of the stalwarts. The book is divided into welldefined chapters which are further divided into easy-to-digest sub-sections. The broad division of the text is into 4 sections.

Section I deals with Introduction- History and Understanding the Language in general.

Section II is on Communication – Body language as communication, Communication skills, Intra-psychic communication, Silence and Characters of body language.

Section III focuses on the core elements of body language like Personal Appearance, Gestures, Posture and Stance, Facial expressions, Eye expressions, Voice and Intonation, Space and Distancing, Tactile Communication, Vocabulary and Universal gestures. Section IV takes care of Homoeopathic perspective including Clinical repertory and practical cases.

The detailed text with illustrations under each and every section is indeed spellbinding and insightful. The author has thrown light over the minutest of expressions and has explained their significance from psychological, philosophical, spiritual and homoeopathic point of view. The ultimate benefit of this book is that it widens and expands our consciousness at all levels. This book has a different perspective of understanding not only the world around us but the world inside each of us. This book will leave a long lasting impression on the mind and will help in increasing the ability of the physician to observe a peculiar expression in their patients.

This book will also be useful to all teachers, doctors, psychologists, psychiatrists, students, businessmen, actors, lay persons and all those directly or indirectly related to homoeopathy and concerned with the art of healing. The whole new world of possibilities and channels of prescribing have been explored and analysed through this book.

Dr Ajit Kulkarni is a veteran homoeopath, an academician and a famed international teacher. He is famous for his innovative and novel presentation on body language – its interpretation and practical application in homoeopathy. He is Director of the Homoeopathic Research Institute, Satara. He is also Hon. Emeritus Professor for Post-graduate (MD) courses in homoeopathy at many centres in India.

Dr Ajit Kulkarni’s life is an embodiment of hard work, perseverance and love for homoeopathy. His contribution is wide in every field be it practice, literature, seminars or workshops, which he has been deliberating with passion, not only in India but worldwide.

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