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Oxford Handbook of Clinical Specialties 2021 | 11th Edition

هندبوک آکسفورد اسپشیالتیز
نویسنده: Andrew Baldwin
مترجم: --
سال نشر: 2021
ناشر: : Oxford University Press
تعداد صفحه: 912
نوبت چاپ: 11
قطع: رقعی
شابک: 9780198827191

3,950,000 ریال 3,200,000 ریال

کتاب هندبوک پزشکی آکسفورد 2021 | تمام رنگی در قطع چاپی ارجینال 

سفارش تلفنی: ۹۷ - ۶۶۹۶۳۵۹۶ - ۰۹۲۱۳۹۸۹۵۴۶

24 در انبار

در صورت انتخاب جلد سخت، کتاب مورد نظر پس از 2 روز برای شما ارسال می شود.


Oxford Handbook of Clinical Specialties 2021 | 11th Edition

( Oxford Medical Handbooks ) ~ هندبوک پزشکی آکسفورد ۲۰۲۱ 

کتاب هندبوک پزشکی آکسفورد کلینیکی ۲۰۲۱ | تمام رنگی در قطع چاپی ارجینال 

“As a GP Registrar, I find this book of immense value during my hospital rotations, as well as during my rotation at the GP Surgery. It is also serving me as a source of information to prepare for the Applied Knowledge Test needed for my Certificate of Completion of Training.” — Dr Michael Zar, GP Registrar, Glycosmedia

For over thirty years, the Oxford Handbook of Clinical Specialties has guided students and junior doctors through their clinical placements, renowned for providing all the information needed for both practice and revision in a deceptively small package. Now in its eleventh edition, the Handbook has been revitalized by an expanded team of specialty experts and junior doctors to guide readers through each of the specialties encountered through medical school and Foundation Programme rotations, while remaining true to the humanity and patient focus of the original edition.

Updated with the latest advice and clinical guidelines, packed full of high-quality illustrations, boxes, tables, and classifications, and with a brand new chapter on how to survive your junior doctor years and beyond, this handbook is ideal for both study and use at direct point of care. Each chapter is clear and concise and filled with medical gems, with features including ribbons to mark your most-used pages and mnemonics to help you memorize and retain key facts. With reassuring and friendly advice throughout, this is the ultimate guide and revision tool for every medical student and junior doctor for each clinical specialty placement.

This well-loved Handbook remains the perfect companion to the Oxford Handbook of Clinical Medicine, together encompassing the entire spectrum of clinical medicine and unmatched by any competitor in their class, helping you become the doctor you want to be.

Product details | کتاب هندبوک آکسفورد ۲۰۲۱

  • Publisher : Oxford University Press; 11th edition (November 14, 2020) | کتاب هندبوک پزشکی آکسفورد ۲۰۲۱
  • Language: : English
  • Flexibound : ۹۱۲ pages
  • ISBN-10 : ۰۱۹۸۸۲۷۱۹۹
  • ISBN-13 : ۹۷۸۰۱۹۸۸۲۷۱۹۱
  • Item Weight : ۱.۰۳ pounds
  • Dimensions : ۷.۲ x 1.1 x 4.2 inches



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