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The Ultimate BMAT Guide: 800 Practice Questions


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The Ultimate BMAT Guide: 800 Practice Questions, 2nd Edition

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Want to score highly in the BMAT? Look no further than The Ultimate BMAT Guide.

Whether you’re applying for Medicine, Veterinary Medicine, or Dentistry, the top universities expect an exceptional BMAT score. The BioMedical Admissions Test (BMAT) is a notoriously difficult test, testing your problem solving, critical thinking, knowledge of principles of Science and Maths, and ability to write an essay that guides its reader to a logical and reasoned conclusion – all within a tight time limit. Your score in the BMAT can make or break your application, as it tests all the skills that admissions departments look for in a top medical student. Therefore, it’s essential to score as highly as possible on this crucial exam.

Written by BMAT specialists, doctors and top medical tutors, and full of insider knowledge and tips, The Ultimate BMAT Collection is designed to help you make the most of your preparation, approach the test with confidence, and get those top scores.

Published by the leading Medical and University Admissions Company, this fully comprehensive guide to the BMAT exam, is fully updated for 2019 and includes:

  • ۸۰۰ practice questions, written by experts exactly in the style of the real exam, to allow you to practice and revise successfully.
  • Three mock papers so you can put your revision into practice.
  • Fully worked solutions, including 12 annotated sample essays to give you clear and thorough guidance to help you understand where the gaps in your knowledge are and to learn from your mistakes.
  • Containing score-boosting tips, tricks, techniques, and advice all written by medical experts, doctors, and BMAT tutors.
  • Time-saving strategies to help you beat the clock and answer efficiently.
  • Advice to cover every section extensively: Aptitude and skills (Section 1), Scientific Knowledge and Applications (Section 2), and the Writing Task (Section 3).

Hungry for more? Visit the Uni Admissions website for even more admissions test tips, personal statement resources, and application support.

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The Ultimate BMAT Guide: 800 Practice Questions

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