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Voigt’s Pharmaceutical Technology – 2018

نویسنده: by Alfred Fahr (Author), Gerrit L. Scherphof (Translator)
مترجم: --
سال نشر: 2018
ناشر: Wiley
تعداد صفحه: 888
نوبت چاپ: 1
قطع: رحلی
شابک: 9781118972625

5,250,000 ریال 4,400,000 ریال

سفارش تلفنی: ۹۷ - ۶۶۹۶۳۵۹۶ - ۰۹۲۱۳۹۸۹۵۴۶

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Voigt’s Pharmaceutical Technology – 2018

خرید کتاب فناوری دارویی Voigt’s – 2018

by Alfred Fahr (Author), Gerrit L. Scherphof (Translator)

کتاب فناوری دارویی

A Comprehensive and Comprehensible Textbook that Offers Easy, Scientifically Sound, Reading to Both Students and Professionals

Now in its 12th edition in its native German, Voigt’s Pharmaceutical Technology is an interdisciplinary textbook covering the fundamental principles of pharmaceutical technology. Available for the first time in English, this edition is produced in full colour throughout, with a concise, clear structure developed after consultation with students, instructors and researchers.

  • Features clear chapter layouts and easily digestible content
  • Presents novel trends, devices and processes
  • Discusses classical and modern manufacturing processes
  • Covers all formulation principles including tablets, ointments, capsules, nanosystems and biopharmaceutics
  • Takes account of legal requirements for both qualitative and quantitative composition
  • Addresses quality assurance considerations
  • Uniquely relates contrasting international pharmacopeia from EU, US and Japan to formulation principles
  • Includes examples and text boxes for quicker data assimilation

Written for both students studying pharmacy and industry professionals in the field as well as toxicologists, biochemists, medical lab technicians, Voigt’s Pharmaceutical Technology is the essential resource for understanding the various aspects of pharmaceutical technology.

Prof. Dr. Alfred Fahr is Professor Emeritus in Pharmaceutical Technology at the Institute of Pharmacy, Friedrich–Schiller University of Jena, Germany. He was Head of laboratory at Sandoz Pharma (now Novartis) between 1986 and 1996 responsible for Biopharmaceuticals, Human Pharmacology and Drug Delivery Systems, and spent six years at Philipps-Universität Marburg in the Faculty of Pharmacy and Food Chemistry before joining Friedrich–Schiller University of Jena in 2002. His research interests include biophysics of modern formulations, mechanisms of skin penetration and non-viral gene therapy, nanotechnological formulations in pharmacy and formulations of poorly soluble active substances.

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