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What a Homoeopath Should Know Before Prescribing



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What a Homoeopath Should Know Before Prescribing

نویسنده: J.B. D’castro

This is a unique compilation of various essential facts which are not found anywhere else and are very necessary for a homoeopath in bringing a gentle , rapid and permanent cure.

Many restrictions, permission, clarifications, and guidelines with regard to various conditions can be found in this book such as when and where not to prescribe a remedy ,value of record keeping. Two parts: Part-I – Philosophical, Part-II – Practical.

Popular passages

Page 88IPECACUANHA : I have cured many cases of fever and ague by the first prescription, thus saving myself a good deal of unnecessary seeking and comparing whatever may be said in condemnation of this loose prescribing, it is certainly preferable to the inevitable quinine prescription

Page 125in paroxysms that they were of a drawing nature and that she had suffered from eczema for years, at different times, before this pain appeared. Sulphur had been given but without relief. So I advised Causticum. It was given, in the 200th, and a rapid and a permanent cure was the result. (Dr. EB Nash)

Page 58It builds them up, and so it seems, for under its action the patient’s spirits rise, hope revives, the weakness and depression give way to a feeling of returning strength and health. It makes no difference whether the ulcérations are in the tissues already named, in the lungs, intestinal

Page 56to have any law of cure In the first place Opium in narcotic doses does not produce sleep, but stupor, and it only relieves pain by rendering the patient unconscious to it. How many cases have been so marked by such treatment, that the disease progressed until there

Page 123It is a better remedy than Secale ever was or can be, for post partum haemorrhages, and it is not necessary to use it in large and poisonous doses, for it will stop them in the 200th potency and is quicker in its action than Secale. (Dr. EB Nash)

Page 109of inflammatory affections of the serous membranes are stitching pains, this is the reason why Bryonia comes to be such a renal remedy in pleuritis, meningitis, peritonitis, pericarditis etc. The subjective symptoms corresponding to the remedy must go down before it and the objectives must as surely follow. (Dr. EB Nash)

Page 54If pus has already formed especially much of it the only thing mercury can do is to hasten its discharge, but if little or none is actually formed a dose of mercury high will often check the formation and a profuse sweat often follows with a subsidence of the swelling and a rapid cure of the disease.

Page 51Iron is no more a panacea for anaemia than is quinine for malaria or phosphate of lime for deficient bone development. My experience has taught me that there are several other equally efficient remedies for these conditions and that when they are not indicated they not only cannot cure but do injure

Page 54The chill is peculiar as I have observed it. It is not a shaking chill but is simply creeping chilliness. Often when this creeping chilliness is felt it is the first symptom of a cold that has been taken and if left alone, the coryza, sore throat, bronchitis or even pneumonia may follow, but if taken early a dose

Page 58The child takes nourishment enough but, whether vomited or retained, goes on emaciating and growing weaker and weaker until it dies of inanition, unless Silicea checks this process. Many such cases have I saved with this remedy and made them healthy children

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