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حساب کاربری من ۶۶۴۱۶۵۹۴- ۶۶۴۱۰۹۸۸ | تلگرام

Electrophysiological Maneuvers for Arrhythmia Analysis

نویسنده: George J. Klein
سال نشر: 2014
ناشر: Cardiotext Publishing
تعداد صفحه: 220
نوبت چاپ: 1
قطع: خشتی
شابک: 978-1-935395-89-8

1,450,000 ریال 1,150,000 ریال

سفارش تلفنی: ۹۷ - ۶۶۹۶۳۵۹۶ - ۰۹۲۱۳۹۸۹۵۴۶

1000 در انبار

در صورت انتخاب جلد سخت، کتاب مورد نظر پس از 2 روز برای شما ارسال می شود.


Electrophysiological Maneuvers for Arrhythmia Analysis

Written and Edited By:
George J. Klein, MD, FRCP(C); Professor of Medicine,
Division of Cardiology, Western University, London, Ontario, Canada

by George J. Klein (Author), Lorne J. Gula (Author), Peter Leong-Sit (Author), Jaimie Manlucu (Author), Allan C. Skanes (Author), Raymond Yee (Author), Paul D. Purves (Author)

It goes without saying that a correct arrhythmia diagnosis is a prerequisite to catheter ablation regardless of the presence of sophisticated mapping and imaging technologies. Electrophysiological maneuvers are fundamental to this process, and proper selection and interpretation of maneuvers constitute a core skill of the electrophysiologist. In this volume, we make the case that most maneuvers are fundamentally similar in principle and can be understood by appreciating a few basic physiological and anatomical principles. The art lies not in a comprehensive knowledge by rote of every maneuver or its application, but rather a systematic approach using common principles. We illustrate this by showing abundant examples and emphasizing the “game plan,” including checklists that can be applied to virtually any maneuver.


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