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Gray’s Anatomy for Students Vol 2 | آناتومی گری اندام – ۲۰۲۴

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قطع وزیری – جلد نرم



قیمت اصلی ۵,۰۰۰,۰۰۰ ریال بود.قیمت فعلی ۳,۵۰۰,۰۰۰ ریال است.%30تخفیف

پروسه چاپ این کتاب بین 5 الی 7 روز کاری میباشد

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جدیدترین کتاب های آناتومی گری 2024


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قطع وزیری – جلد نرم

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Gray’s Anatomy for Students Vol 2 | آناتومی گری مبحث اندام – ۲۰۲۴

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جلد دوم کتاب آناتومی گری زبان اصلی شامل فصول :

Lower Limb | Upper limb

چاپ رنگی | کاغذ تحریر | قطع وزیری – جلد نرم √

آناتومی گری 2024 سه جلدی وزیری -Gray for student


برای دیدن ویدیو کیفیت چاپ کتاب آناتومی گری ۲۰۲۴ اینجا را کلیک کنید

Gray’s Anatomy for Student | ۵th edition – 2024

Concise, readable text and an outstanding art program make Gray’s Anatomy for Students, 5th Edition, your go-to text for essential information in human anatomy. This fully revised volume focuses on the core information medical students need to know, in an easy-access format and with additional multimedia content to facilitate effective study and mastery of the material. A team of expert authors share a wealth of diverse teaching and clinical experience―all enhanced by more than 1,000 innovative, original illustrations by renowned illustrators Richard Tibbitts and Paul Richardson, who capture anatomical features with unrivalled clarity.

  • Helps you understand the practical applications of anatomical concepts through unique coverage of surface anatomy, correlative diagnostic images, and clinical case studies.
  • Contains increased representation of diverse population groups throughout, incorporating a wider range of skin tones and important clinical considerations related to transgender and intersex individuals.
  • Presents anatomy logically by body region – as well as bonus updated eBook chapters for each major body system to facilitate learning from a different perspective.
  • Includes new and improved online materials such as self-assessment questions, medical and physical therapy clinical cases, a unique Interactive Surface Anatomy tool, and more.
  • Provides fully revised and updated clinical content including numerous new In the Clinic boxes, images, and correlates throughout that reflect the latest advances seen in clinical practice. New and updated Clinical Cases are included in the accompanying enhanced eBook.
  • Features an updated neuroanatomy eBook chapter, so you can learn key aspects of this challenging topic in the context of general anatomy.
  • Improves comprehension of complex cranial nerves with a visual map summarizing cranial nerve distribution and function.
  • Offers schematic drawings for key structures and topics in every chapter, providing an additional, simplified approach to introduce each topic―ideal for quick initial understanding and as a guide for your own anatomy drawings.
  • Enables you to quickly review the basic concepts from each chapter with Conceptual Overviews.
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