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The Synergy in Homoeopathy



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خلاصه کتاب:

You see a triangle on the cover page.The apex of triangle is the Genius.Genius here means the prevailing spiritor distinctive character of something.This applies to the patient and also tothe remedy.
This general quality of the patient andof the remedy has also been called,by various authors in homoeopathy,essence, keynote, soul, red line, or thegrand generals.
But I prefer to use the word ‘Genius’,to honour the great master, Dr C.M.Boger, who wrote.
“The strain which runs through every pathogenetic symptom complex has been
called the genius of the drug.”
We need to keep the genius of the patient and of the remedy always on the backdrop
when we are trying to match the two.
The first few lines about each remedy in Boger’s Synoptic Key usually give a very
good idea of the remedy’s genius.
The other two sides of the triangle are:
 Facts – as found in the characteristic symptoms, in the proving and in Repertory
 Concepts/Experience – the Sensation; data from the Kingdom, Miasm, and Source.
One can see that all three elements – the Genius, Sensation, and Symptom – are
mutually interdependent. In reality they are three ways of viewing a unified whole,
and this differentiation is made only for the purpose of understanding. The circle
in the centre of the triangle represents this unity of which the three elements are


فهرست مطالب:

About the author 11
Acknowledgement 13
Foreword 15
Introduction 17
The Journey and Plan of this Book 19
A. Symptoms and System
۱. Symptoms and System 25
۲. Sensation Approach and its Foundation in Classical Homoeopathy 31
۳. Convergence and Similarity 43
۴. Synergy 47
۵. Fixity and Flexibility 48
۶. Each Remedy after Careful Thought has Potential to Heal 51
B. Techniques in case-taking
۷. Which Approach to Take First 55
۸. Observation 57
۹. Scanning the Case 75
۱۰. Hotspot 77
۱۱. Entry Point 81
۱۲. Corroboration and Confirmation 85
۱۳. Who is this Person 89
۱۴. Pattern within the Story 93
۱۵. Tracing the Commonality 96
۱۶. Circumspection 100
۱۷. Exciting Factor 102
۱۸. Generalisation 105
۱۹. Anchor 111
۲۰. Probing the Peculiar 117
۲۱. Peripheral Vision 120
۲۲. Using an Image 122
۲۳. Meditative Experience 124
۲۴. Conversational Approach 128
C. Approaches in Different Situations
۲۵. Approach According to Levels 133
۲۶. Approach According to Kingdoms 166
۲۷. Approach in Psychiatric cases 183
۲۸. Approach in Childrens cases 198
۲۹. Approach in Acute Conditions 208
۳۰. Approach in follow ups 221
D. Repertory
۳۱. Artistic use of Repertory 225
۳۲. Levels and Biases in Mind 244
E. The Genius
۳۳. The Genius 251
F. Illustrative cases
Case 1 269
Case 2 274
Case 3 281
Case 4 289
Case 5 292
Afterword 301
Resources 303
Index 313


نویسنده: Rajan Sankaran
سال نشر: ۲۰۱۲
ناشر: اشراقیه

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