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The Soul of Remedies



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  روح داروهای هومیوپاتی  ( هومیوپتی – هامیوپاتی) – راجان سانکاران

The Soul of Remedies

خلاصه کتاب :

Editorial Reviews
Most of the remedies presented have been previously published in The Spirit of Homeopathy and The Science of Homeopathy. Here Dr. Sankaran has revised and corrected the original writings. This book begins with a lucid introduction that clearly defines the background and use of the information contained. He writes: “The material presented here has been observed and confirmed in my own practice; it is material I am sure of. I have not included remedies of which I have little experience or knowledge. I have attempted to convey the innermost feeling or the basic delusion of the remedy while connecting the situation, source, miasm and kingdom. The rubrics and physical symptoms cited are ones which I have observed repeatedly and often used to confirm the remedy prescribed. These ideas have helped me in my clinical practice and I wish to share them with the profession.” Regarding his understanding of each remedy (essences of remedies), Rajan writes, “Mere is a common misconception to the effect that I stress mental and emotional symptoms to the exclusion of physical symptoms. This, I repeat, is a misconception. If I often seem to speak exclusively of the mental/emotional state, it is because understanding this requires some degree of insight into the patient as well as into the remedy and it is more difficult than noting physical symptoms. Nonetheless, in practice I give a lot of importance to the physical symptoms, to the meaning of the pathology, and to the modalities which have to be matched with those of the remedy. Giving a remedy solely on a vague idea of the mental picture is a prescription for failure. Such an approach is risky and certainly not one that I follow or recommend. “…I have tired to bring out the innermost feelings of the remedy and it is not easy to discover these in patients other than by artistic case-taking which delves deeply into such things as the patients delusions, dreams, hobbies, etc. What appears on the surface might be quite different from what is actually inside…” My idea of understanding a remedy is to grasp the connection that ties together its myriad symptoms: the basic delusion, its source (kingdom), the miasm to which it belongs, its symptoms- all must be understood as aspects of a single whole if we are to even begin to truly understand a remedy. It is my attempt to tract out these connections that distinguishes this work from other Materia Medicas. I believe, for example, that the connecting link: in Sepia is the feeling that she is forced to do something against her intention. In the section on Sepia I try to show how this “link” connects every aspect of the remedy. This has been confirmed by me in practice time and again-I do not believe it is mere theory … and yet the reader must remember that this is Rajan’s experience and not necessarily the final word. “This book is meant for those who have read The Spirit of Homeopathy and The Substance of Homeopathy because it those earlier works that most fully express my understanding of the Organon and Materia Medica. Without an understanding of my ideas on such things as case-taking, classification of remedies according to kingdom, miasms, etc., this book will not be of much benefit. This book may be used as an adjunct to the previous works but not as a substitute for them.” Exactly one hundred remedies are included, both polychrests and “small remedies.” Much of this book is original material, reflecting the insight, experience and genius of Dr. Rajan Sankaran. Keeping these introductory words in mind, I strongly recommend this new book to all homeopaths. Dr. Sankaran is making an important contribution to the existing homeopathic materia medica. –Simillimum,Winter 1997 Volume X No. 4

کتابهای هومیوپاتی – هامیوپاتی – هومیوپتی

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