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حساب کاربری من ۶۶۴۱۶۵۹۴- ۶۶۴۱۰۹۸۸ | تلگرام

Various Stages of Remedies

Case Records of Polychrest remedies (4th Impression)
نویسنده: Bill Gray
مترجم: -
سال نشر: 2012
ناشر: B. Jain ، اشراقیه
تعداد صفحه: 174
نوبت چاپ: 1
قطع: رقعی
شابک: 9788131903636

750,000 ریال

سفارش تلفنی: ۹۷ - ۶۶۹۶۳۵۹۶ - ۰۹۲۱۳۹۸۹۵۴۶

998 در انبار

در صورت انتخاب جلد سخت، کتاب مورد نظر پس از 2 روز برای شما ارسال می شود.


خلاصه کتاب: داروهای هومیوپاتی و مرحله های متفاوت اثرات آنها

This book is an effort to bring live description of cases in seminars worldwide to all our readers and make them aware of the miracles these masters have done with homeopathy. With a keen inclination towards understanding the depth of homeopathy this collection of seminars will definitely be a guiding light and open the aspects of practical edges of classical homeopathy. All the video cases have been included with explanations on essence of case taking, management and prescription.

Dr Bill Gray, M.D. was 90rn on October 13,1942 in Norfolk, Virginia and is a Stanford Medical School graduate. He has been practicing and teaching homeopathy for 27 years in California. Bill Gray is considered one of the leading homeopaths in North America and the world having lectured throughout the U. S., Canada, Norway, Netherlands, Germany, England, Finland, and New Zealand. He underwent his first training in homeopathy at the National Center for Homeopathy, and then he had a personal training with George Vithoulkas of Athens, Greece. Later he co-founded International Foundation of Homeopathy. He was principal instructor for IFH across U.S. In 1985, co-founded and was core faculty member of Hahnemann College of Homeopathy in East Bay.
Key Features:
 Authentic and complete case records
 Discussion of polychrest remedies
 Finer aspects of deciding a prescription

نویسنده: Bill Gray
سال نشر: ۲۰۱۲
ناشر: B. Jain ، اشراقیه


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