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Sensation Refined



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Sensation Refined

خلاصه کتاب:

Sensation Refined . The method is now clearer, easier and more refined than ever before.  This book consolidates a system, the process of which began in ‘The Spirit of Homeopathy’ and carried on to ‘The Sensation in Homoeopathy’. Since the latter was written, there has been much progress in the Sensation idea.
‘The Sensation in Homoeopathy’ gave us the philosophy and guidelines to practice.
This book addresses the problems and pitfalls that seekers in this method face. It answers many queries about the sensation and its expression, and how to understand it better, in a clearer and simpler way.
One of the significant things is the deeper understanding of the experience; living it and seeing almost nothing else. Secondly, refining the technique of how to get there. Understanding in cases, what exactly leads us from one level to another, and how to follow that. A deeper understanding of minerals and some in the animal and plant kingdoms.
The three sublevels of Sensation (Level 5), the features of the various levels (and potencies), the rows of the Mineral kingdom, and the classes in Animals have got much clearer. Also, case taking has become more flexible and easier. It seems to be now much less of a struggle for the homoeopath (and patient) than before. To follow the patient into his nonsense is one of the most challenging and rewarding of experiences, both for the homoeopath and the patient. As Roger Morrison puts it, “In case after case, you followed the thread of the patient’s expression to this non-human level. In each case I began by feeling, “What nonsense is this?” and ended by feeling, “What sublime nonsense that was!” I had already accepted the concept of non-human and made efforts to pursue it in practice, but finally I came to understand that no other information was so specific.”
Explained in detail, with several illustrative cases, this book documents Rajan Sankaran’s most recent advances in the method.
The Sensation idea has come of age.


فهرست مطالب:

About The Author — 7
Acknowledgments — 9
Foreword — 11
A Review Of The Sensation In Homeopathy — 13
Introduction — 16

I – Philosophy
۱. Old And New — 21
۲. What Is Sensation — 51
۳. Global And Local P 57
۴. The Sublevels Of Sensation — 69
۵. Important Words — 75
۶. Actions Speak Louder Than Words — 85
۷. The Doorway Through Doodles — 89
۸. Types Of Acute Situations — 103
۹. Potency And Levels — 117
۱۰. Summaries Of The Method — 129
۱۱.Refinements In The Understanding Of Minerals — 135
۱۲. Awareness — 139
۱۳. Thoughts On The Seventh Level — 141
۱۴. Health — 145

II – Exercises In Finding The Story Behind The Story
۱. Metaphors And Mandela — 149
۲. Desperately Seeking Adolph — 155

III – Techniques Of The Art
۱. The Art — 169
۲. The First Ten Minutes — 171
۳. Keep The Patient In The Present — 177
۴. What, Not Why — 181
۵. Projection And Denial — 185
۶. Flexibility In The Method — 187
۷. Animals Have A Process And A Life Story — 205
۸. Connected In The Context — 211
۹. What Is The Effect On You — 215
۱۰. Lesson From Practice — 217
۱۱. Use Your Maps Lightly — 227

IV – Cases
۱. Completely Opposite And Remotely Similar — 231
۲. A Sudden Shot — 261
۳. An Open-And-Shut Case — 295
۴. Separation And Synergism — 335
۵. Breaking Out — 347
۶. The Volatile Case — 383
۷. I Am A Cabbage — 393

V – Appendix
۱. A Preparatory Explanation To The Patient — 409
۲. A Questionnaire To Elicit The Sensation — 411
۳. What Do We Look For In The Follow-Up — 413
۴. Repetition Of The Dose — 417
۵. Memory In The Material — 419
۶. Some Questions From Readers — 421
۷. Index Of Remedies — 431

نویسنده: Rajan Sankaran ، راجان سانکاران
سال نشر: ۲۰۰۷
ناشر: Homeopathic Medical Publishers ، اشراقیه

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